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Technology Strategies

Application Portfolio Assessment

For system modernization mandated by a new breed of SaaS & mobile applications, this assessment helps with business & IT alignment, app consolidation, cloud enablement and cost reduction.

Business Intelligence / Analytics Strategy

For providing a competitive edge to any business, correct analytics are now part of life. This assessment helps with Business Intelligence maturity, a roadmap, tools assessment, listing of KPIs, and a list of important data sources.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Not all applications can be easily migrated to the Cloud and not everyone is ready for it. This assessment evaluates one or two applications in the context of integration and infrastructure for Cloud readiness.

IT Integration Complexity Assessment

Knowing the size of an SOA effort before taking it up is crucial for funding & fruition. This assessment evaluates as-is interfaces, types, integrity, security, reliability, error handling, and core data objects.

Big Data Necessity Assessment

Everyone who has large amounts of data storage may not need a big data solution. This assessment dives into the actual data within the databases and creates a business case for big data if needed.

Data Maintenance & Cost Reduction

When the number of databases grows much higher than what’s needed by a business, it increases cost and becomes a maintenance nightmare. This assessment helps with decommissioning and cost reduction.

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Why Technology Assessments?

Invalidate Longtime Myths

As people move on and knowledge is transferred to your teams, longtime myths that restrict progress are often transferred as well. Apoorva's Technology Assessments help break down those myths by putting facts and numbers on the table.

Justify Innovation Budgets

Many I.T. innovations are not big, surprising "aha!" moments. These innovative ideas are often well-known within your teams for a long time. Apoorva's Technology Assessments help break down these ideas into small executable steps to help create justifiable budgets.

Create Technology Roadmaps

When the myths are broken down and the budgets are justified, your team needs the guidance of you and your executive team's vision. Apoorva's Technology Assessments create various Roadmaps to help with Technology Governance and day-to-day collaboration.

Assessments are customized to your business needs.
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Technology Assessment Examples